We raise broiler chickens (meat birds). We do not see any kind of egg production on our farm.

Our first barns were built in 1997, followed by two more in 1998. Since then, we’ve added four more bringing our total to eight!

About our chicken barns:

The first four barns are 40’x500’ and hold 24,100 birds per house. The recent barns - built in 2017 - are 43’x600 and hold 30,000 birds per house.

On average, we raise  5 ½ cage-free broiler flocks per year. Birds arrive when they are 24 hours old and leave at 46 days as a 6 pound bird.

Technology is important, because it allows us to improve the care for our birds and ensures we’re able to operate in the most efficient ways possible. (because, let’s be honest, we love being on time to dinner!)

Our original barns were fully manual, which means open sides and “curtains” had to be cranked open or closed to control the airflow. Today, the barns are completely secure and sealed, and technology allows us use automatic feeding systems, as well as, heaters and fans ran by a computer.

These - the original four - houses were built on strip mine ground without a foundation, so as the ground settled during the last 20 years, the barns have changed drastically, which has caused unique issues and obstacles to overcome.

The new barns (or houses, as we call them) showcase how far the poultry industry has advanced in the last 20 years. These completely enclosed houses are built upon a foundation and already equipped with state of the arc computer systems.