Our Office Manager and fearless leader, Joan is truly the farm’s Wonder Woman. She manages both the farm office and Hayden Electric, sits on numerous boards and doesn’t bat an eye when the church needs her to step in to coach the choir.

When not putting out fires and keeping things running smoothly in the office, Joan can be found in the early mornings doing the first chicken house checks of the day, or sitting on her back porch late afternoon, Kindle in hand.

Her special talents include being the peacekeeper between the main men on the farm.



When most would’ve retired, the farm’s founder, Martin keeps working just as hard as the rest of the boys. Teaching us all the secret to youth is to never slow down.

When not in a tractor, Martin can be found on the front porch swing hosting conversation with neighbors and old friends who stop by to chat.

His special talents include never getting dirty. Give him a grease filled shop or a muddy working pen — everyone else will be covered from head-to-toe — he will emerge still polished and pressed.



Farm Communications Specialist, Oklahoma transplant, occasional cow worker, unofficial gate opener. Says ranch instead of farm.

Danielle joined the farm in 2014 after marrying Daniel, making sure she uses every part of that Oklahoma State Ag Comm degree, she keeps the new media side of this operation a float along with organizing farm tours and activities. She can usually be found, camera in hand, with two wannabe cowdogs in tow.



Farm Manager. From cow herd health to making sure each flock of chickens performs well to mechanic and welder, Daniel’s day-to-day activities change depending on what needs to happen. Him, along with three hired hands make sure everything is happy and healthy and equipment runs as it should.

You can watch Daniel’s day-to-day farm activities as well as learn more about raising cattle and poultry through his Beef Brag and Chickenology segments on Snapchat.

Snapcode: dhayden1999


Farm Hands


Farm Dogs

Beau – Martin and Joan’s Catahoula, Beau may have been bred to be a cow dog, but he lives for head pets and riding in the back of the truck.

Lily – Still considered a puppy. This 55 lbs. and growing baby is a cow working all-star. Nothing gives her greater joy than making sure no cow steps out of line on her watch. This girl works hard and plays hard. When she’s home, she’s scattering all her toys in the living room. Her adventures can be found at #CowdogLily.



Born on Valentine’s Day 2016, our red heifer Valentine had a rough start into this world. Low temps and snow on the ground, this sweet little orphan calf was moved into the bottle calf pen in the barn where Daniel became her “momma.” Eventually she was moved to her very own pasture in the company of two goats to grow up with.

Stunted in size, her small stature makes her the perfect companion to travel to local schools to teach children about cattle. Valentine enjoys playing tag, being brushed and (unfortunately for them) throwing her goat friends.  

Wannabe farm dogs


Snickers – Daniel’s waterfowl dog, who is most known for getting into mischief and his sweet brown eyes. A Best. Day. Ever. In the world of Snickers would be one where he gets to swim in all our farm ponds and then dry off with a ride in the back of the truck.

His bad behavior and misadventures under the hashtag #SnickerTheVeryBadBoykin


Oliver – Never was there a dog who was more convinced he was a 50 plus pound cow dog extraordinaire than our 20lb Scottish terrier, Oliver. He’s ready at a moments notice to reign holy terror down on

His adventures can be found under #OliverTheScottishTerror


tippecanoe and tecumseh

Valentine’s two goat companions who complete the Creatures of Joy pasture. Eventually these two will work the local school circuit with their bovine buddy, but until then, these two live for climbing anything and everything, sitting in a wheelbarrow and escaping their pasture to eat Danielle’s flowers.